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Choose an uncut interview from our selection below and dive into the depth of our material.


AMINE - A person who endured multiple pushbacks


His story is graphic , heartbreaking and enraging. It is a tale that guides you from Turkey to Greece, and from what started off as a regular day of the week, into an exposé of some of the harshest border policies documented in the recent past.


NATALIE GRUBER - Founder of Josoor

Meet the founder of an NGO which at the time of its operation was vital in supporting pushback victims and collecting their testimonies at the border. Josoor was thereby also an important member of the Border Violence Monitoring Network. (BVMN).


PHEVOS SIMEONIDIS - Open Source Investigator


Phevos Simeonidis worked on cases arising out of the Evros for the better half of a decade, and continues to do so. He has been a frequent collaborator of -among others- Forensic Architecture and Lighthouse Report.


You will also receive the digital poster, early access to the film and a social media shoutout and be listed in the films end credits.

Uncut Interview

200,00 €Price
Product will be available on april 22.
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